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Efficiently manage time off policies with easy automation, ensuring compliance, reducing costs, and reclaiming productive hours.

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Time Off Requests Made Easy

Give employees the freedom to request time off and, managers can review requests on the go!

Request Time Off

Time Taken and Balance

Review Time Off Request

Approve, Deny, or Cancel Request


Requests and Approvals in a Flash

Increase employee satisfaction and reduce administrative headaches with intuitive workflows for easy time off requests and approvals.


Employees can quickly view their available time off, future approved time off, future accruals, and carryovers.

Schedules and Coworkers

Managers can easily view employee schedules and coworkers’ absences when reviewing time off requests.

Who’s Out

Thanks to an efficient dashboard widget, managers can quickly see all the employees who will be out on any specific date.

Metrics for Better Decision-making

Our dashboard gives you real-time visibility into any employee’s work status, location, and attendance, so you can make informed decisions, ensure compliance, and optimize productivity — easily.



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Time Off Transparency

Give employees the transparency into their time off that they deserve: Boost engagement and improve work-life balance.

Time Off Requests

Employees can request time off with awareness of co-worker schedules, see their forecasted balance, and manage their requests.

Time Off Balance & History

Employees can easily request and manage time off, track their remaining balance, and stay informed of co-workers' time off requests.

Features for Easy Time Off

Easy Time Off, Even for Complex Programs

Take advantage of intuitive and accessible features to get clear control over employee use of time off and your company’s time off costs.

Blackout Dates

Block employees from requesting time off on specific dates.


You seamlessly track and manage FMLA requests and hours used.


Set a workflow to require manager approval or, let the software do it automatically.

Time Off Policies

Create time off policies to meet your rules; assign to the company or a group.

Accrual Options

Automate accruals based on yearly, monthly, or pay period schedules, or accrual-based.

Accrual Preview

Simulate how accruals will be calculated based on policy configuration.


Employees can view available time off, future accruals, and carryovers.

Who’s Out

From a widget, managers can quickly see employees who will be out on any date.

Custom Holiday Pay

Create specific payment configurations for employees who work on a holiday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Questions & Concerns

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Can I run a report to see an employee’s balance history?
Can I limit dates for which employees can request to be off?
Can I mark overtime hours as comp time?

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