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Create, share, update, plus save time and money creating your schedules in minutes with WorkEasy Scheduling.

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Easily Handle Scheduling Tasks on the Go

Create and revise schedules, immediately notify employees of schedules and changes, right from our mobile app.

Employee Availability

Open Shifts

Shift Swap or Shift Drop

Create schedules on the go


One-Click Scheduling: Save Time & Money

Create the perfect schedules in one click by scheduling the right people, based on seniority, staff availability, approved time off, and more.

Save Time

Create your available shifts and, with just one click, assign them to the most appropriate staff.

Lower Cost of Labor

You set the rules; our auto-scheduling feature will assign open-shifts and reduce cost (considering lower hourly wages, overtime, etc.)

Equal Hours Distribution

Enforce fair labor rules and keep employees happy by ensuring available hours are equally distributed.

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Ensure Scheduling Compliance

Create rules to ensure your company is enforcing the right scheduling practices to comply with federal, state, and other laws.

Reduce Clopening Penalties

Schedule to comply with local labor laws: Ensure employees don’t work back-to-back shifts and have enough rest between shifts.

Prevent Mistakes

Prevent scheduling errors that could become serious compliance issues under labor laws in your state or other jurisdiction.

Features That Make Work Easy

All the scheduling tools you need — at your fingertips.

Save hours every week. Plan and manage schedules with our innovative software, anywhere, anytime, no matter how complex your scheduling and shift-planning is.

Swap or Drop Shifts

Employees can easily offer or exchange shifts — even from their mobile device.

Pick Up Shifts

Allow eligible employees to apply for shifts and get manager approval fast.

Reduce Overtime Paid

Control hours worked outside of shifts, get overtime alerts, and easily run reports.

Restrict Early Shift Start

Set punch restrictions to ensure employees only get overtime they are entitled to.


Let our system assign optimum schedules, based on your preferences.

Multiple Schedule Plans

Create different calendars by location, department, area, or other criteria.

Drag & Drop Shift Templates

Drag and drop common shift templates to meet your needs and ensure coverage.

Scheduling Compliance

Avoid legal challenges and ensure compliance with all labor laws.

Recommendation Engine

Get shift recommendations based on preferences and qualifications you set.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Questions & Concerns

Can employees swap shifts only with other qualified employees?
Can employees drop a shift with manager approval required?
Will approved absences or holidays overwrite an employee's shift?
Can I create multiple calendars and assign different employees in each?
Can I control the hours paid outside of a shift?
Can managers or employees configure their preferred availability?

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