The right fingerprint time clock for clean, indoor environments

WorkEasy Software offers a smart optical fingerprint sensor to collect real-time employee data in routine, low-traffic, indoor workspaces.

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Powering game-changing teams everywhere!


Fast and Accurate

Easily authenticate employees’ fingerprints with high accuracy and speed – effortlessly clocking in and out.


Encrypted Templates

Encrypted employee’s fingerprint templates are securely stored for privacy, protection, and peace of mind.

Choose the Best Authentication Method

Multiple-authentication technology lets you set different authentication methods for employees to enroll using a fingerprint,  PIN, or smart card.

Improved Employee Experience

Employees can independently review their hours worked in a pay period and see previous punches, too —  right from the time clock.

Ensure Every Clocked Hour Is Valid

Easily prevent clocking In or Out based on scheduled shifts or when they have reached overtime.

Labor Compliance and Workplace Health

Let employees select, waive, or attest to a break directly from the time clock; ensure minimum break times are taken.

Better Insights From Better Data

When employees clock in, you can require them to choose a project, client, or job or have the selections automatically defaulted in the time clock.

Time Clock Management from Anywhere

Multiple-authentication technology lets you set different authentication methods for employees to enroll using a fingerprint,  PIN, or smart card.

More Than a Time Clock — a Lot More

Additional features that allow direct engagement with employees.

Pulse Surveys

Keep employees engaged and get immediate feedback to manage more proactively.
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Share team or company-wide information directly on the time clock.

Need Help Choosing the Right Device?

We know you have options when it comes to time clocks. Our experts can provide insight based on your organization’s needs.

Winning Features & Specifications

The features and technical details of our smart fingerprint time clock make it reliable, fast, and accurate.

Opt for Our Flexible Subscriptions, Comprehensive Warranties, and Privacy Assurance.

Discover the Ease and Security of Our Time Clocks with Flexible Subscriptions, Solid Guarantees, and Employee Privacy Prioritized.

Flexible Subscription

Cutting-edge technology without the upfront cost.


Buy a limited or unlimited warranty for either option.

Employee Privacy

We take employee privacy seriously — very seriously.
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Time Clocks built for Any Need, Any Environment

Prevent time theft, collect employee data, and simplify payroll with WorkEasy Software time clocks. Perfect for any workplace.

Xenio F1000

Secure, accurate, hassle-free facial recognition.
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Xenio 700

Fingerprint scanning precision in all environments
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Xenio 500

Fingerprint for high-volume or messy workplaces.
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Xenio 200

Smart fingerprint for low-traffic environments.
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Xenio 50

Contactless, hygienic RFID smart card scanning.
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