Surprisingly Easy HR Data Management

Stop jumping through hoops. Instead, enjoy HR data management made simple, thanks to centralized and secure storage, retrieval, reporting and updates.

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HR Data Anytime, From Any Device

Get real-time alerts and notifications. Access and manage HR data and documents anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Employee Records

Document Center

Employee Portal



Easily Track and Manage Assets

Easily create and organize lists of company assets, efficiently assign them to employees, and easily track them on each employee’s profile.

Total Costs

Get a clear and uncomplicated picture of total costs, and accurately manage your total costs for all assets.

Assign Assets

Efficiently and at-a-glance see a complete list of all asset assignments — who they were assigned to and when they were assigned.

Prevent Loss

Track all company assets assigned to employees and track assignments, and changes directly on each employee’s profile.

Remarkable Ahead:
A Decade of Excellence

Our dashboard gives you real-time visibility into any employee’s work status, location, and attendance, so you can make informed decisions, ensure compliance, and optimize productivity — easily.















Years of Expertise

Empower Your Team

Employees can easily update their personal information, access documents, view assigned assets, keep track of time & attendance data allowing them to stay informed and organized.

Employee profile

Allow employees to update personal information, emergency contacts, access company handbooks, and track company-issued devices to save time and reduce headaches.

Time & Attendance

Keep employees engaged and informed by providing them access to their timesheets, upcoming schedules, time off balances, and more.

HR Data Management Made Surprisingly Easy


From creating document templates and automatically prefilling them with employee information to assigning laptops and other assets, we make it super-easy to manage HR data.

Data at Your Fingertips

Get real-time alerts, notifications, and dashboards anywhere, on any device.

Profile Designer

Tailor the employee profile to specific fields that are relevant to your organization.

Employee Data Management

Collect, store, and organize profile data; accurately track any changes in affected fields.

Manager Assignment

Easily assign a supervisor or manager to an individual or group of employees.

Share with Employees

Easily send documents to employees with instructions for required return actions.

Data Prefill

Streamline electronic forms with fields that are prefilled with employee data

E-signature Request

Add e-signature fields, require completion, and manage returns of documents.

Asset Management

Create a list of the company assets assigned to employees; manage availability cost.

Security Groups & Privileges

Create security groups that provide access levels to users with defined privileges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Questions & Concerns

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Are employee profiles customizable?

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